Koreena Anchalis Presents

Zinn's Happy Halloween


This year I've been posting some progress pics on the GWG Halloween Workshop thread.  I have had so much fun making this!



Zinn progress:

 Materials used:  6" foam ball, polar fleece, thread,  assorted cheap fabrics, brown pleather, felt, Crayola Model Magic, spray-paint, hot glue, polyester, cardboard, stuffing,  fake fur, craft foam sheets, acrylic paints, plastic jewels, glass vase gem, Future floor wax

Old teeth.

Newer teeth. Smaller and sharper.

More weathering on outfit.





Golem Progress:

 Materials used: pink insulation sheet, craft foam sheets, cardboard, hot glue, masking tape, duct tape, pop bottle, acrylic sheet, acrylic paints, Future floor wax, acrylic paints, spray-paint, sateen fabric, pvc pipe


First weathering.

  Second weathering.



Hehehe. Blurring all around them makes them look kind of like miniatures.



And finally......




I hope you enjoyed looking at this as much as I enjoyed making it!